Sunday, September 24, 2006


I don't know what kind of maintenance they performed on Friday but for me it has screwed up my template. I apologize if you are getting this screwy's nothing I did!
If you do see something weird please let me know...


***UPDATE*** I think I know what happened!

I updated to IE7 this morning then my blog went bonkers...since I was planning on doing a "Blog Make-Over" next month anyway I decided to go ahead and fix it all now. I couldn't stand the way it was looking after the update, so Sangeeta this may help your problems with reading my blog, I would be interested in knowing if you were viewing my blog with IE7.
This is a work in bear with me!


gourdongirl said...

You know I'll stick with you come what may!

I must admit when i clicked on to your blog I wandered what you had been up to.....not quite to your standards....looking forward to seeing the finished blog!

Mary said...

I really like the new template! I have to admit that your old one did not look good at all in Mozilla Firefox, so I had to read your blog in MSIE (6.0). There are still differences between the two now, but it now looks better in Firefox which is what I'm using most of the time these days, so no complaints here! Oh, and that blue yarn you spun -- stunning! :-)