Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home again...Thank God!

Happy September...HELL...who said that?!

Rain, miscues and screw-ups!

But there was a "Sheepie" sighting:

Look even two of the sheep couldn't take it anymore!

We left in the rain...though it had cleared up where we were going...we packed up in a drenching...downpour! I was up in the wee hours of Monday morning rescuing items from the rain...no sleep for me, 'cause everytime I laid down I thought of something else that needed to be brought in. Weathermen...suck! There was no forecast for such rain when I checked! Now we have rain coming from Hurricane John...apparently, and a new storm brewing in the Atlantic...whoopie! My BIL in Eastern Virginia lost property...again! Ernesto was supposed to hit during lowtide, "with minimal coastal flooding"...NOT, he had just as much water as during Isabel 3 years ago.

Onto other subjects...I forgot my mushroom identification book that I use for finding mushrooms to use in natural dyeing...so I took some great pictures...example;

I counted over a dozen different varieties of mushrooms...but had no idea which ones to pick and take home...so I let them be and took pictures instead.

We had a glich in our plans for Saturday night...college football night...the one game we were all geared up to listen to wasn't broadcast on my XMRadio! So what does my brother do? I was hoping for a win...but not against Pitt.

I did a lot of reading...a little knitting, because I fell into knitters hell--I dropped a stitch on my latest pair of socks...oh you say no problem...it's a patterned sock! I decided I'd worry about that later...
I'm still waiting till later...

LOOK--Flower of Scotland!

More later when my head stops hurting and my mental state returns to normal!


Aprilynne said...

So weird how much we look forward to leaving home, then look equally forward to getting back! Maybe that's why I never leave anymore =/ lol

Great pix =)

gourdongirl said...

Sorry to hear your weekend wasn't brilliant. Hope your BIL is ok.

I recognise that flower!

Take care. xx

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

LOL, it's always good to be home!