Friday, September 22, 2006

Hi Y'all---I'm back!

Not that I really when anywhere....I've been having problems with my "new" DSL service, I think all the wrinks are finally ironed out...we'll see!

The Dolphin Dance is finished...but it's still holding secrets, it hasn't yet spoken to me to tell me what it wants to be?!? Sorry about the picture, I didn't set the depth of field as I should have...but I wanted everyone to get an idea of the beautiful color.

A recent post on Spin-List posed the question if anyone had heard of this series of answer--'YES I HAVE'! The Foxfire series. There are 12 issues (I think) and I'm missing the last 6 volumes, and honestly I'm not sure of how many their are. These books are really wonderful...all about Appalachian life...all the things my grandparents used to do. Some not so pleasant and let me tell you when they made lard---the smell was horrible! I knew when I pulled in the driveway what was up but by then it was too late to turn around and leave, they'd already seen me. I can remember as a child my grandfather took me to a hog slaughtering house...YUCK! Though it may seem awful...these memories I cherish...because people lived hard and poor in these small Appalachian town, villages and spots on the map. I remember going to the country where I learned to milk a cow, gather eggs and slop the pigs. The cats would sit in the doorway of the barn with their little mouths open waiting for you to squirt milk into their mouth...he I became a pretty good shot at the tender age of 8! I remember how sweet and cold the water was when you pulled it out of the well...I remember Mrs. Cox canning sausage in her kitchen--and the HUGE kitchen sink she had. All of these things are talked about in these books along with knitting, spinning and quilting. All the old crafts that are forgotten or the knowledge is simply no longer need in out modern age. I miss my grandparents...they are a huge part of who I am today!

Check out this lazy cat...I wish you could hear him--he's snoring! That's what I call asleep! Oh and by the granny's quilt--again!

If you don't like bugs...look away--

And while I'm on my childhood...I mentioned the other day the fact that I don't see any Praying Mantis' anymore. This proved me wrong--I was walking in the back door yesterday when this one was perched on my Avacado tree! He/She even posed for me! I used to keep them during the summer as a pet...remember I was a tomboy--bugs, snakes, etc.

Okay...I've got to get back to my knitting, I've got to find some what I can do all my 'computer stuff', read, knit and spin at the same time!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


gourdongirl said...

And why can't you knit, spin, read and be on the computer all at the same time.....hell yer a woman and we CAN multitask!!!!!! LOL.

Hope all your problems are fixed with the computer.

BTW that blue yarn is devine......mmmmmmm

gourdongirl said...

I also have wonderful memories of my childhood. I think thats why I love history and geneology so much!

I'd hate to think that all the old traditions were lost for ever. We need to keep them alive!

Aprilynne said...

I always wanted to squirt a cat with milk from a cow =)*)

We had chickens and horses and pigs at times while I was growing up. (not all at once, though) I did have to give a pig a shot once b/c he was sick. That was an adventure.

Sounds like your Grandparents were interesting people.

KnitNana said...

Ah, Robin, I remember those Foxfire books - I always wanted to have the set, too! (money for books was harder to come by back then) I have "Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe Book" which she self-published way back in the 70s (sigh - gettin' old!).
What great memories you have of your grandfolks!
I love the yarn...gorgeous color...
And Mr. Ace snores like the Blonde Bombshell, I guess! That's a great shot of him...
My mom used to pick up the praying manti in our yard and let them crawl up and down her arms...I am squeemish and hated that - but always thought they were so cool - every once in awhile I see one now. You managed a GREAT photo of one!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I would knit up lacey wrist-warmers with beads in that gorgeous yarn. That way during the cold winter, I would think of dolphins playing in the warm water. The praying mantis shot is really cool, too!

Pam! said...

I love the Foxfire books! Such interesting stuff and a good reminder of all the conveniences we have today. Sometimes I read to Wee One out of the 2 I have...he seems impressed. LOL

Mary said...

I've seen the Foxfire books in Used Bookstores, but didn't know what they were. I will keep my eyes open for them if you'd like me to. I may just have to start reading them - they sound interesting!

You might like reading the "Woodswoman" books -- true story of a woman who built her own log cabin in the Adirondacks in the 1970's and has lived there alone ever since. She puts out a new book about once a decade. Fascinating reading, really.

My cat (Ali - the white one) snores, too! Too funny! Oh, and I was folding my quilt again today and thought of you, and then you posted a pic of yours again! I really do need to take a picture of mine so you can see how similar our quilts are! Perhaps tomorrow, if its not raining, I'll hang it on the porch and photograph it and post it on the blog! :-)