Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes, I've been busy!

Sorry...but all my spare time has been taken up by either Rudy or sleeping! Well, I have been keeping up my running & next race is a VERY important one. Though my family hasn't been hit by this disease. I run for ALL those who have.

Please help those who have!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Becky said...

Perhaps I should introduce you to my friend Dee. She runs for her nephew Josh, and all those who have been affected by Traumatic Brain Injury. She also loves dogs. I think you two would get along very well.

I told her story on my blog a couple of days ago.

Channon said...

Miss you, but train on. I'm not knitting or spinning, but we're doing a lot of walking! Do you run in the rain?