Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a Runner Sees...

Since I've started running and increasing my mileage and places in which I choose to run there are so many things I see along the roadside, I just wish I could have my camera with me...but then I wouldn't get much of a run in if I stopped to take pictures every few feet.

So here's just a small list of the things I see on my runs, and I may add more as I continue to train for my races.

1-Dead animals: opossums, squirrels, rabbits, birds, frogs, lizards and an occasional snake. (and in one particular spot there's almost always a dead skunk)

2-I also see lots of live critters...

Hubby took this picture of a young lady who crossed the road and watched me run on by! (this was on the Blue Ridge Parkway)

Squirrels are know how when you're driving down the road and they run out, then can't decide what to do and dodge back and forth? Well, they do that to me when I'm running. You know there's a group of them in the trees laughing like banshees!
Bunnies, birds and every now and then a buzzard (I know they think I'm going to keel over...HAH!)

3-Irresponsible people IDIOTS discarded litter...why do they find it necessary to throw their trash out the window? Here's where I wish I could run with a bag in order to clean up after these idiots...but like carrying my camera I don't think I'd get much running done. I do carry an extra bag when I walk Rudy and pick up litter as I see it.

4-CD's and Cassette Tapes-I guess they skipped or hung up one too many times!

5-Busted up pagers...What? Did the person get a page into work and they said Oops, I lost it?

6-Shattered Cellphones--Hmmmm, P-Oed at the girlfriend/boyfriend?? Bad break-up? Another call into work?

7-Condom wrappers...yep, my question is this--were they driving while using? Because this wasn't in a private place in which to have a "quickie"! Thanks goodness I've only seen the wrapper.

8-Underwear--I guess I could list this along with #7, but maybe it wasn't for the same reason.

9-I've also had to dodge dog poop, chewing tobacco wads and on one occasion "road apples" (everyone know what that is?)

10-Sunglasses/eyeglasses--this could be a very expensive loss, I just received a new prescription for glasses and know the cost!

I am currently training for my "Anniversary" race. I would have never guessed in a million years that I would love running so much.
This year it's the day after my birthday, so I guess in 2010 it'll be ON my birthday?!

Keep on Knittin' - Spinnin' - and come on...join Runnin'!!!


Dani said...

Oh my, is that really coming up already? It seems like that was just a couple of months ago!

Channon said...

Run Robin, run!

Isn't it amazing what you see?

Nichole said...

Keep on dodging along!

Love that dear shot!!!

Nichole said...

and ps - you had me cracking up over the squirrels - so true!!!!!

Becky said...

I wouldn't be able to see any live animals on my walks because the dogs would scare them off before I got within sight of them.

When I was in Italy, there were two bases about 1/2 mile apart. One was the US base, and one was the NATO base. I often walked from one to the other. A prostitute lived in the house between the bases. Naturally, one had to step very carefully on that walk. We came to call that bit of road "Rubber Hill." And yes, they were used.

Anita said...

Love the squirrel story! ha ha

You lost me on road apples???

Sue said...

Wow, lots of stuff on your routes. Must keep your interest up!

Bubblesknits said...

I had to ask the hubby what a road apple was....EWWW! For real?!? EWWW!!!!

Kim Carroll said...

This was to funny! Really enjoyed post!