Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Producing Produce

My little garden plot is beginning to feed us for the summer, well...I still go to the farmers market and buy items I don't have room to grow, like green beans. But everything you see here came from my garden.
Two weeks ago I had my first toasted tomato sandwich...MY summertime favorite! Yum-Yum!

Now I had to put up a makeshift scarecrow because the blue jays were helping themselves to my tomatoes. Talk about something that brings the fight out of me!!

This is not one of my Granddaddy's shirts but it sure looks like one he would have worn...Granddaddy was a towering, scary fella when we were kids! So far it seems to be doing it's job!

My cousin posted on her blog a few weeks back about our Granny & Granddaddy's garden. I could only wish to have one the size they did, but then again I remember all the work it too. She has pictures of it on her blog. When you visited them it was customary to go on a walk around the garden and see all that was growing, and before you left you had a bag of veggies to take with you. Boy...what I wouldn't give to take one of those walks today.

Saturday I took a 6 1/2 mile run from the house to downtown, and ran by my Grandparents old house. It looks the same, the house is still painted white...the little shed out back still has the ladder hanging on the backside, both utility sheds are still in place (Granddaddy had a lot of tools)--there are some pieces missing...the white picket fence is gone, Granny's flowers are for the most part gone (I have her birdbath in my backyard) AND there's NO garden out back. This makes me sad...for as long as I can remember in the summertime you saw every sort of vegetable growing healthy in that garden.

Have you noticed my 3/50 Project button on the sidebar? If not please check it out, I saw this on my friend Pam's blog and made note of my contribution to this idea. I can count 6 local and Virginia based business that I visit or do business with on a weekly basis. I think this is a great idea and makes lots of sense to me. I for one am afraid to buy produce or other products from other countries with all the scares we've had in recent history. If we keep our money in our localities everybody wins!

Come on give it a try...will ya?

Check out my Hibiscus, the blooms are the size of a small dinner plate!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Channon said...

I don't drive by my childhood home anymore; there have just been too many changes and it makes me sad. I considered buying it when I was house-hunting, but I have more land where I am.

We haven't had any success with a garden. Between critters and rocky, red clay we've given up. (Well, and my back and his hip replacement...)

Bubblesknits said...

Sounds like my grandparent's garden. As a child, it was one of my favorite places. Lunch/Dinner at their house was always a treat because of all the fresh produce. :-)

Becky said...

My older brother used to grow a huge garden in my grandmother's back yard. I'm like you, though. The garden is no longer there, and even her house has been torn down. It makes me sad.

I've never been able to get things to grow. I could kill a plastic plant!

awelcominghearth said...

tasty tasty garden produce! yum.
And I'm so happy to see someone else doing the 3/50 thing. Isn't it nice to find that after taking look that you're pretty much already doing it?

JustApril said...

YUM fresh stuff! My attempted garden is half taken over with grass - big giant grass - lol - at least some stuff is growing anyway. Next year should be better.