Sunday, February 15, 2009

Support Your Local Farm~~

With all the food scares here lately, it was early last year when I decided to start buying locally. We have a very nice Farmer's Market and a local dairy, Homestead Creamery, that delivers...just like when I was a kid! There's even a vendor who supplies meats of all kinds. A good friend of ours is currently raising Highland cattle, which we have dibbs on a side. I know the grocery stores are now labeling the produce & meats as to their origin, but I still don't trust them.

I have a personal conflict with one of our local grocery chain, my Mom is a 31 year retiree and because of the union they continue to cut her benefits. Now you tell me who made this grocery store what they are today? Those retired from years of blood, sweat & tears! ...okay, enough of that I'll get off that soap box--sorry.

I've looked into joining a CSA, but feel just as good buying from our local farmers on the market and keeping them in business during these hard economic times. Speaking of which I can't wait till I make my first visit this year, I really miss good fresh fruits & veggies this time of year.

OH MY~~NOW...I've found the ultimate CSA! What a FANTASTIC idea...I really don't think it would be hard to convince local farms to do the same, in the meantime...I'm toying with the idea of joining this one!

Do you support your local farmers?

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momsue84 said...

We support our local ranchers who raise cattle and sheep. We have a wonderful meet market here with everything raised right here in the Big Horn Basin. Alas, that's all that grows out here. I would kill for a Farmer's Market like we had in Wisconsin.

Becky said...

The farmers around here mostly grow cotton. Since I seldom wear anything but cotton, I would say that I do support them pretty well!

Aunt Kathy said...

I try to buy local when I can, in the winter not so many opportunities. Did you draw that sheep picture? I Love it

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good post! It's best to support each matter what the supply...well, long as it's *legal* -smile-...and I like buying local or, in my case, regionally.
Do you "know" Suzanne Puffpaff? She's in Michigan and trying to start a yarn CSA; she's on Ravelry.

Channon said...

Great post! If we ate at home with any regularity, I'd support the locals more. As a farm girl all grown up with plenty of family in the business, I think it's important to buy local!!