Saturday, February 21, 2009

History Lesson

Tuesday's Day Off afforded us another chance to visit The Palisades...and you ask what the heck are they?! Let's step back a few Centuries to the time when our ancestors braved settling this area.

I promise to make it brief, I just wanted to share another part of our excursion. Now, Hubby and I have canoed this part of the New's beautiful and quite amazing to think what took place here in 1755.

Have you heard of Mary Draper Ingles? No...not Laura (Ingles) sister, they were in Minnesota.
Living in this part of Virginia was a very dangerous time for the pioneers & frontiersmen. The Shawnee would raid, kidnap & kill. For Mary to endure all the events of the kidnapping, only to return home was truly an amazing feat in itself. She trekked along these Palisades barefoot, scantily clothed and starving. She was quite an amazing woman!

If you are interested I have 2 books to suggest:
Follow the River by Alexander Thom (a fictional account but very accurate) and
Trans-Allegheny Pioneers by John P. Hale The book cover shows the path the Indians took her from her cabin and the path in which she returned home -(an excellent account of her story and others settlers of the area)

Hope you enjoyed this enough to read more about her!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Diana said...

Funny, I just watched that movie yesterday and read the book a couple summers ago. Yes, she was amazing!!

Aunt Kathy said...

I've never canoed on a river, but I would like to read the book one day

momsue84 said...

I have read Follow the River. Wonderful book. I really like Thom's works, having read several of them. I had no idea you were so close to all this history.

Becky said...

Our pioneer ancestors were truly made of some tough stuff. Their courage and strength continually amazes me.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We have amazing history in southwest Virginia; my mother-in-law's mothers' people were kin to Mary Draper Ingles and to the Boone family. The MIL's middle name was Crockett.
I've heard it said southwest VA is the first and last wilderness but I think that could be said of much of the Appalachia's.

trek said...

Great picture!

Channon said...

Beautiful. One of the things I love about this state is how different her regions are. I'm not quite Tidewater, which is VERY different altogether...