Monday, September 01, 2008

FO & Discovery

It's no secret I'm a sports fan, so with the Labor Day weekend comes the US Open Tennis tournament.
I wished I had pictures of me in my little tennis dress, that my Mom made me, back in the day. That was the only "dress" I would wear back then because it had little shorts under it!

With that said I found a "quick" knitting project to try...finished it in 2 days!

I used some left over Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton and the remnants of the Blue Heron Cotton Seed held together.

Yep, I made a bikini top! I are saying - "At your age?" Well, from what I saw last year at the beach if an 80 year old can wear a bikini then maybe I can pull it off too! I'm not sure that I'll wear it, we'll just have to wait and see.

You ask..."What are the tennis balls for?"

Blocking - That's about all I have to offer!

When I blocked it out I discovered a problem with the Blue Heron's NOT color safe! This could answer why this particular yarn is no longer offered, I don't know.

So I immediately put the Sarong in a vinegar water bath~~

After just a few minutes this is what I found~~

I certainly hope this doesn't happen to me at the beach!

This does upset me about this was NOT cheap!

As for the US Open, I happen to be pulling for this cutie!

Go Rafa!
It was funny yesterday he was on the practice court...there were women laying on their bellies looking under the netting that give privacy screaming at him!! He just gave his humble smile...looking very embarrassed.

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Dani said...

Eek! I hate it when pricey yarn runs, has knots, etc. Very frustrating!

Aunt Kathy said...

Tennis balls for blocking, hahahahaha

I'd need a basketball

I am so depressed about that.


Jeanne said...

You go, girl!! I love the fact that you made a bikini, first, and that you're contemplating wearing it, second. I say do it!!

And the tennis ball for blocking? Priceless...

Nikki said...

Wear the bikini top!! But I would recommend wearing something on the bottom half of you too! ;)

Kim Carroll said...

The colors are beautiful and enjoy wearing it.

Anita said...

It came out really cute, I hope it doesn't "run" on you at the beach too! ;)

Bubblesknits said...

Okay, I'm still smiling about the tennis balls. ;-)

Robin said...

The bikini top and the sarong are cute! You go, Girl!

Dana said...

Love the tennis balls and what a great idea. ;) Sorry to read about the running colors; I hope your sarong was still alright after the vinegar bath.

Channon said...

I use tennis balls for felting...

Running colors scare me, and then make me mad. As much as yarns cost, can't they prevent this?!

Bobbi said...

Just think though, if you wear the bikini, get sunburned AND the yarn continues to bleed, you won't have any "tan lines" to speak of!! Just looking on the bright side here.