Tuesday, July 17, 2007

W-I-P Progress!

Yes, I do have some knitting progress to report! What does 6 hours riding time in a vehicle get you?


The back is almost complete! Ya-Hoo!

I still need to get caught up on Mystery Stole 3 and the many other projects I have in the works! But at least I can report on this one.

The baby blanket was a hit...and a little spooky! I think Bobbi is starting to wear off on me! She has this ESP or some kind of telepathic ability that I experienced when my step-daughter opened my gift. Earlier in the afternoon she gave us a peek into the baby's room, so cute...we saw ultrasound pictures of the "little peanut" (that's what I used to call Julia in utero). They are not finding out what the sex is of the baby, but I asked if they had any names picked out yet. For a boy--Jaden (not sure of the correct spelling on either of these) and for a girl...are you ready for this...Rhiannon or Rhianna! Cold chills spilled all over me...she had NO clue that I had made a baby blanket. When she opened it and I told her the name of the pattern...we all FREAKED! So...do you think it's going to be a girl? Step-daughter #2 does! Anyway, we had a most wonderful time with them.

I'm still trying to catch up on things...KnitNana tagged me for being~~

I'm going to tag:

Gotta run...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Mary said...

Wow, that is gorgeous knitting! I love cables and I love the yarn color (of course)!

You're the second person to tag me with this, so I may have to actually do something about it! ;-)

Marianne said...

Hey Rockin' Girl!
Mary took the words right outta my mouth, Gorgeous Knitting! Cables, colour, design!
I am so happy to hear about a couple 'waiting' to see if they have a boy or girl, it truly is one of the very last true 'surprises' we can have, you know? Of course, it 'could' be a girl... ;^)

momsue84 said...

First of all, thanks so much for tagging me. I consider it a real honor. Second, OMG, where did you get the pattern for that baby blanket. I love cables and that is just gorgeous. Wow!

Sue J. said...

That last comment was mine with the wrong ID on it. Sorry!

Joan said...

That is gorgeous with the cables and the color. What pattern is that?

Nikki said...

very gorgeous! And how fun with the ESP/baby blanket... wouldn't it be fun if she does have a girl?!

Dana said...

The blanket is BEAUTIFUL Robin and the whole "ESP event" was pretty wild to read. :) How neat!