Monday, July 02, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had promised daughter Julia a camping trip since she'd been so busy working and going to school on our previous camping excursions. So, this weekend we took off to a nearby KOA for some relaxation...and yet again, it's back to reality.

I know I haven't been talking much about knitting these days, instead it's been about Arizona! Last week the humidity was so bad...or after a week in AZ I had acclimated myself to NO the A/C's are going in the windows cause the weatherman is forecasting higher humidity heading into the weekend. Today was very nice, but as a native SW Virginian I know that's NOT normal for this time of year!

How about some more vacation?

Part 1 Yeah, I know you are going to get tired of this, but I promise I'll shut up...soon!

About Arizona...I've been going through my pictures to weed out find more pictures to post, lots of great ones but I can't post them all. So...since this IS a knitting blog I think I'll start by showing you WHERE I did a lot of my knitting (besides at the pool) thing to note, people in AZ really look at you funny when you are knitting socks~~Hey, they are silk!

In the evening we would venture up to change for dinner and find our place here...

The Vista Lounge, and OH what a Vista! Here's a small sampling of the "Wildlife" you could see.

While enjoying a drink and knitting we watched these cute little critters...

There were 9 little ducklings with their Momma every afternoon.

Desert Cottontails...were EVERYWHERE! Just call it Bunny Heaven! In the afternoon they would come out and lounge in the shade and the little ones would chase each other. It was as though they were employed by the resort and did their "thing" at a scheduled time!

This is the Gamble's Quail...I like to call the "Kramer Bird"...remember "Seinfeld"? The pair would come out, both have "the feather", as their head bobbed around that little feather reminded me of Kramer's hair! I'm sure he was wondering how to rid himself of that pesky feather!

The Saguaro Cactus where amazing, after reading up a little about them, it takes up to 75 years before they grow one arm! Look at this one:

How old do you think this one is? They are an endangered species because of their slow growing nature and "plugging"! Wanna know what that is? Read this story about one David Grundman, he even had a song written about him...too bad he's not around to hear it!
You can see Four Peaks in the background, part of the Tonto National Forest.

Well...plenty of knitting to do! Stay tuned...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Marianne said...

Yep, it's beautiful out there! and seriously, it's not much trouble to carry water around with you,eh?
I do that anyway...although I swear it's so wet around here I've not hardly felt thirsty!
Love the little duckies!
Thank you for sharing...

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sue J. said...

I can see why you had such a delightful time. Glad you enjoyed all the Southwest has to offer. Those cacti used to amaze me, too. People would steal them for landscaping. Glad that has stopped.
Don't worry about knitting content. I love to see pics and hear about your vacation.

Dana said...

What a trip; it sounds so heavenly and the photos you took are fabulous. The "critter theater" must've been a delight to watch each evening as you knitted. What can I say, but "ooohhhh aaahhhhhh." :)

Nikki said...

what great pictures! I love the little duckies and I bet watching them and the bunnies were great!

Your knitting spot looks so inviting... :)

gourdongirl said...

Great pix, no wonder you had such a great time. What a lovely place to sit, relax and knit. Looking forward to reading more about your trip to AZ.

Susan said...

Your vacation pics are gorgeous. It's fun to see AZ through your eyes.