Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Sorry I haven't been posting much these days...busy-busy-busy!

********Rockport Vest

I have no FO's to offer, but I do have WIPS!

The Baby Blanket is underneath, the turquoise (my favorite summer color, if you didn't already know) is the Rockport Vest and Monkey, another fun sock pattern to knit.
Yes...I'm seriously an A.D.D Knitter! I have to have multiple projects going at one time..."The Mindless"--socks, "The Focused"--Rockport Vest and Baby Blanket, and "The Don't Talk To Me Right Now"--the Civil War Shawl (not pictured, I haven't had the solitude or brain function to pick it back up--yet!).

I've also been spinning a lot...

Things have slowed down with all the preparations for Arizona...which I'm SO looking forward to! I'll have the Ole 'Puter with me so I can check email and hopefully update my blog...that is if I can break between massages! When hubby told me where we were going and where we were staying the first thing I did was check out the services they offered...Jeez, they are expensive out there! I hope they have some discount services for those attending the conference! Otherwise I'll just enjoy the pool....and get a massage when I get home! He's told me to get one while we're there, but my practical side says..."why pay more?" Am I being cheap? Please tell me I'm not turning into my father!
I have already had the *pre-vacation nightmares* know, you are sitting in the airport for hours only to find out you don't have any tickets? You land in the wrong airport! Your luggage gets that REALLY happened to us in Denver--we landed in Denver only to find out our luggage was in Atlanta! Anyone have any fun airport stories to share....come on, give me something else to worry about--or be prepared for!

On the Weight Watchers front...Finally after 5 weeks I lost more than Julia in one weeks time--2 oz's!! She's still the "Biggest Loser" overall! 16.8 lbs!! I'm SO proud of her!! Join me in a round of applause for her efforts! She's working so hard for this and daily she's telling me of her plans for her "new body"!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

The vest is beautiful!

funny airport story- I'm a bit of an early person and fear long long lines so once I had to be in Greensboro for a 6 am flight. It'd been cool and very foggy the past couple nights so I had visions of driving down 220 in the fog. It was a few years ago when they were telling you to get to the airport 1.5 -2 hrs early? Can you see where this is going? I got to Greensboro at 3am. While you're welcome to go inside, it doesn't open until 4am. And when you beat the TSA agents to the airport, they don't ask you all the "has anyone had your luggage other than you" type questions... :) I'll save the not so funny ones for after you return :)

Nikki said...

OH, and this was before I knit too... very bored for a very long time.

Sue J. said...

Beautiful WIPs. The vest is really gorgeous. Hope you have a great time in Arizona. Haven't been there in 13 years, and it was pricey then. We lived in Nevada when first married. Loved it there, but Vegas has changed so much. Gorgeous scenery in Arizona.

Robin said...

WIPS - very nice!! I went back to WW this week and am trying to be good. SOOO hard! Can't wait until WE go on vacation. I'm vacating vicariously through you!

Bobbi said...

LOVE the vest!
I totally think you should get ONE massage at the the name of research...I'll be disappointed if you didn't. Consider it an added "admission cost", just like going to the amusement park or Disney. Have you seen the price of THOSE admissions!?! A maassage is cheap in comparison!
In other words, don't compare to the cost "at home", compare it to the cost of "other entertainment". Plus, it's therapy for all of the knitting. Okay, I'll "shut it" now.

Dana said...

Lovely WIPs'! The Rockport looks so intricate, as does the baby blanket. Congrats on your weight loss!

Enjoy AZ and watch out for the javelinas!

Mary said...

Such pretty projects you've got in progress -- you're such a masterful knitter. :-) And that green cabled vest, well -- LOVE IT!!! :-)

Have fun on your trip! :-)