Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sock FO--Garden Beauties & Cat Hunting!!

Remember my Tofutsie socks...DONE! This brings me to 6 pairs of socks for 2007!

If and when you buy this yarn don't let that small ball of yarn fool you, especially for this pattern! Look how much yarn I had left over! I always wind my yarn into a center pull ball (just makes it easier for traveling).
But I do have a warning...Nikki, who's knitting the same pattern with the same yarn, has experienced "knots" in her yarn! I didn't find one...that is until I got to finishing the toe of the second sock. Not problem for me since I was able to kitchener up the toe and cut the knot off, but apparently Nikki had more issues with the knots! You would have thought I would have felt them when I was winding my center pull ball...honestly I don't remember any knots!

Onto my *Garden Beauties*! I know this is a knitting blog...honestly, the flowers are related to knitting...I sit by the pond while I knit and just have to share the view with all of you!

This is my Lilium...sort of an orphan found at a local department store about 5 years ago--dying a slow painful death from the heat of the pavement of the parking lot...I bought her at the marked down price of .50 cents! She's happy and healthy now! Don't ya think? (I didn't take a picture of the whole plant...I wanted you to see the beautiful RED color). Have I told you lately I Love My Garden?

Now...about the "Cat Hunting"--Old Mr. Ace likes his privacy--but then again who doesn't at times? He has his regular places to "nap" but here lately he tends to "disappear"...or so he thinks! To find him you either follow the snoring...or look for these signs!

This was the first shot, yes, he was snoring but apparently didn't realize that he was "showing" himself!

Later I came through the house only to have to grab the camera again...Mr FatCat was really "exposing" himself to the world!
So much for the *secret hiding place*!! All I need to do now is record him snoring and add that to the blog!

I'm preparing for our trip to Arizona in 2 weeks! Anyone have any suggestions of places to go while in the Phoenix area? Oh...I already have my list of yarn & fiber shops to visit! We will be visiting the Grand Canyon and Sedona...but I'm open to other suggestions!!

Well...back to the housework...yuk!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

They're so cute! I swear this is the quickest I've ever knit socks too!

I'm not exactly sure where it is in relation to Phoenix but my folks loved the Painted Desert when they were out that way.

I'm sure I'll talk to you before then, but have a GREAT trip!

Nikki said...

OH, forgot to add, I love how cats "hide" I can't see you so I must be hidden... :)

Marianne said...

The Grand Canyon is amazing, we took a helicopter through it as our last minute fling with the canyon, stunning.
I have a couple of older friends who live in Sedona, they moved out there *before* it got all touristy, it's a beautiful place.
Those socks are gorgeous!
Smooch will 'hide' out then come pouncing out and grabbing you as you walk by....those moggies, such funny little beasties.

Marianne said...

Oh! dang, Lilium is beautiful, what a gorgeous colour!
The Petrified Forest.....a must. (ok, it was for me) it's strange....but I loved it in an unaccountable way...I love trees, I love rocks...

Sue J. said...

The socks look great, and, oh, how cute is your kittie!! What a darling place to hide.

gourdongirl said...

I'm a bit bias about what to visit near Phoenix, since the Tonto National Park isn't too far away :)

The sox look brilliant. I like the pattern and colours.

I always love to see pix of your flowers.

JustApril said...

Those socks are SO pretty, I love them. The flower is cool too, and the pics of the cat crack me up. =)

Dianne said...

What a pretty knit..inspires me to use more tofutsies..I did have trouble with my first ball being 'knotty'..very frustrating!
The plane ride over the canyon is absolutely breath-taking..We had a 'bush pilot' and I swear I felt like I could reach out and touch..we were running late leaving so he said I'm going to give you the guys the "special'..My heart was in my throat for most of the flight..great photo ops..Hope you have a splendid trip..and much time to knit..hugs

Beth said...

I just realized that I finished my 6th pair of socks yesterday too. Granted, 2 pair were actually started in 2006 (shhh - don't tell!), but they're finished now and that's what counts.

I'm taking a teeny hiatus from sock knitting and working on a few squares for the Hokie Healing project.

Robin said...

I love the socks. I have some Toefutsies - haven't wound it yet. I sure hope I don't find a bunch of knots. Don't like knots -especially in socks. Love the red lilly! Beautiful color. I'm catching up on my reading and enjoyed your camping trip!!!

Bobbi said...

Great socks! I remember when you weren't sure you'd catch the sock bug! (I have that same Tofutsie waiting for inspiration.)

Cat said...

I just picked up a skein of Tofu. and can't wait to get it started. I'll watch out for the yarn. I absolutely love that Lilium.


Dana said...

Beautiful lilium and great job rescuing it. From the looks of things, you two were made for each other! ;-) It's ironic...I was looking at Tofutsies and thought that I'd have to buy two balls to get a pair of socks and that was out of my budget. Now knowing that I can definitely get a pair of socks from one, I'm going to purchase some. P.S. GREAT socks and thanks for linking the pattern!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Wish I had time to take care of my flower beds! You did great work on everything. As for Phoenix, I was there once for a stopover lunch visit, but have no clue where I ate. I do remember that I loved that area.
Bunny hugs,

Anonymous said...

SO very cute. I love those socks, and I'm jealous - I've been wanting to try TOFUtsies for a while - you tempt me even more.

Mary said...

I love it when cats snore - so cute! And love those Tofutsies socks! :-)