Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm still here!!

Okay…so I’ve been lazy about blogging these days…BUT I have been busy!

I’m so proud of myself, the one item I’ve been going on and on about NOT trying is socks…well, I have one sock completed and one halfway finished! And I must say that it’s not so bad, in fact I’m planning my next pair.

I’m still working on the felted backpack (all I have left are the straps and an inside pocket), my Oat Couture Celtic Cardigan is almost complete…I’m finishing the sleeves now.

Next on the list is to make my ‘Rogue’, do something with all the recycled silk I bought and make a sweater for my youngest son…who by the way has gotten his first apartment!

I’m so very proud he has grown into quite a nice young man. I see great things in his future. I guess all parents do…In the last year Chase has lost 4 friends he went to school with, recently 2 of them within one week, both in car accidents. As a parent you always want to keep them under your wing and protect them…they are a gift from God and he has a plan for their lives, though we may not know what that is and even may have to give them up from this life. Trust in the Lord! My sympathies go out to the Burns and the Miller families.

About my spinning…I’m working on the last of the ‘Llanwenog’ and it’s telling me it wants to be a shawl! So beautiful and lofty! I’m not sure that I’m going to dye it. I really don’t like dyeing my roving before I spin…since I allow the fiber to tell me what it wants to be! I have plenty of fiber so I’m not sure what I’m going to spin next…merino, wool/silk blend, mohair or Jacob. I need more hours in the day to complete all my STUFF!

Well, better get back to work…before someone catches me on the internet (Ha! Ha! That’s a story in itself) To put it briefly…I work part-time (5 hours a day) and the entire time I’m at work my supervisor is on the internet, while the work stacks up around her! So maybe it’s not so bad that I post to my blog…what are they going to do? Fire me? Something tells me...I don’t think so!

Happy Fibering!

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