Monday, January 30, 2006


Who can figure out cats....too cool to enjoy something WE know they will LOVE!

Last year we bought our "Little Buddy" a new cat bed which it took him almost a month to get in...and once in it he doesn't leave...unless it's dinner time! So...with the rearranging the living room furniture last spring I placed the couch just under a heat vent. Mr. Ace found he had 2 favorite places to sleep...anyone ever heard a cat snore? Well, when he gets in one of his favorite places...let me tell you he can cut some zzzzz's!
Since he loves sleeping under the vent, of course, it left a lot of hair...that I should collect up and spin but I'm not ready to go there yet...I decided to make him a "pad" to put under him. Instead I found felted cat beds at Wendy Knits so I made him one! It's taked 3 weeks for him to even begin to show some sort of enjoyment from it. Now "Fat Cat" hasn't yet fully enveloped himself in the bed and I'm not so sure that he will but at least he is laying ON it!

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Jane said...

Our oldest cat - 17 in April - snores so loud you can hear him in the next room. I have a stack of Rubbermaid type totes full of yarn next to the couch with an afghan on top that has become his favorite perch.