Thursday, October 27, 2005

Giving myself a pat on the back

I'm giving myself a pat on the back today...I went for my annual mammogram today!! For those women who have not done so or are "afraid" to go....Just Do It! I'm so glad I went last year, the technicians are so wonderful, warm and very understanding. They understand your fears and really go all out to make you comfortable (as they possibly can at that point). ANY woman can get breast cancer, family history has nothing to do with it and so many strides have been made to find a cure. This past Spring we had a mother had a biopsy on a "nodule" which was smaller than the head of a pin, amazing that they could find something so minute. It was nothing...Thank God! But the fact remains that if something that small can be found it can be cured!

Enough preaching...on to Knitting and Spinning! I'm currently working on Christmas gifts (knitting) the ladies in the family will be getting felted purses the guys...I'm not sure yet. In between I spin...I'm currently working on some Llanwenog I purchased at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival. This summer I finished up some beautiful Alpaca, chocolate brown...I know what I want to make out of it I just need to get past all the Christmas projects first. One thing I have started for myself, that I've had to put aside is the Oat Couture Celtic Cardigan, which I can't wait to get back to.

Well, the knitting is waiting....more later!

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