Saturday, August 18, 2012


Wow....over 2 months have past, where does time go? 

Yes, we are still missing Mr Ace...there's not a day that goes my that I don't expect him to be underfoot or visiting me while I'm having "private time" in the bathroom!

I know my posts haven't included much in knitting content but not to worry, I have been very busy.  Since March I've been in "Baby Knitting Mode"!  I have so many ideas and Ravelry queues for patterns that I want to make. Last Sunday we had the baby shower so I can finally reveal all the knitting that I've been doing.

The first item was a knitting kit I bought in Va Beach after my 1/2 marathon this past fact, I knit a good portion of it on the ride home.

I didn't get a picture of it with the little pink buttons on it before I wrapped it....I guess I was too excited!

Such a sweet cardigan, not to mention it was a quick and easy knit!

Then there was THE ONE that I've held WAITED to knit for one of my kids when they announced they would become parents.  It was back in 2005 I volunteered with a natural dyeing program where we used indigo, osage orange and cochineal...then I "over -dyed" to get the additional colors of orange, purple and teal.

When I first saw Yarn Harlot knit this pattern I KNEW it was the one MUST knit for my grandbaby!!

....and I had the PERFECT yarn for it!

Tulips Cardigan

Then came the baby blanket...OH MY GOODNESS....what a slow knit!  The yarn kinda pooled a bit, which at first I wasn't happy with but it turned out well.

I did have to take a break halfway through for some "instant gratification knitting"

One of my co-workers was expecting a little girl (yes, I am speaking in past tense--Katherine Elaine was born just a over a week ago!  So I knit her these adorable Saartje's booties~~
Don't you just love the little "sunshine buttons"??

Then of course there was still MORE "Granddaughter Knitting" to be completed!  I made another pair of Saartje booties for her....     well as a bonnet.

Oh....this isn't the end by any means.  I have so many more project ideas that I don't think I'll ever knit for myself again! We are on the countdown till we finally get to meet her...and learn her name! 4 weeks to go!

There is this one special little girl that comes to the Y with her mom who has wrapped her little fingers around my heartstrings....she's been "grooming" me for Grandparent-hood!  I've knit for her too.
I used some of my handspun to knit these little soakers~~
Little Strawberry Soaker
I've been spinning too...I'll get some pics to post up soon. In the meantime....

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


emmy said...

Thanks for the inspiration Robin! I love all your baby knits!! I tried to find the Sartje's bootie pattern on Rav the other night but the link kept coming back as being bad. Please give me a holler if you know where I can get it!!

Your dyed yarn is to Die for!!!

SissySees said...

Wow!! So much baby knitted love here. Blankets are painful, aren't they? I'm finishing one up later this month, but I think sleep sacks are the new option for me.

Carol Urban said...

Awesome knitting!!!

Unknown said...

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