Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Hello...Ace here, Mom seems to be too busy to blog these days. Somethings going on I tell ya.

This is a shout out to all my feline friends out there. How many of you are being put through hard times? They go on vacation during your 16th birthday? Are they changing your food? Moving your bed? Changing things--like moving furniture? Having a little Shih Tzu come stay in YOUR house.

Yes, Milo came to visit...again!
I hiss and spit, but he just won't listen...he down right ignores me, he's not afraid of me--am I losing my power?! This time he got on MY bed, you know the big one I let "them" sleep in. Anyway, I couldn't believe he would just jump right up there while I was sleeping.
So what do I do? Hiss & reaction from him, is he stupid or something? He's supposed to be afraid of me, run yelping and screaming. Instead he ignores the King!

Now I'm hearing something about a Rudy...who?

I think I'll show them, I won't eat, drink or poop until they listen to me! Do you think it'll work??



issy said...

Good morning Ace. i think you should really mess with their heads, by being super nice to this Rudy whatever he is. Give them MORE attention, MORE early morning wake up love and MORE hairballs. They'll love that. You'll see.

Channon said...

I think Issy gave you some good advice. Kill them with kindness, right?

Becky said...

Hi Ace. Squeaky here. I know exactly what you mean. I mean, Mom brought home this really ugly brown thing. As much as I hiss and spit, she just won't go away. She's not like Katie, who is pretty cool, for a dog.

I hope things get better at your house. They sure aren't here.

Puss, Maggie, Stevie, & Fluffy said...

We hear ya, Ace. Our grandparents are making such a fuss over that demon dog, Puck. *insert huge kitty eyeroll* And today, we caught our humans making our "yearly appointments". We KNOW that means we're going to get poked with sharp stuff. Do they think we're stupid?


Bartholamew said...

don't do it, dude!! If you act like that they'll just take you to the vet!! Man it's not worth it! The freakin' car ride, the smells in that place, the evil lady who calls herself "Aunt Connie" Like I don't know that's some sort of human code for evil bitch...

just sulk man. Look pitiful. and give 'em hell! (but um, I warmed up to Pepper once she was here for a while. Maybe this "Rudy" thing wont' be all bad??)

JustApril said...

OH Ace, constipation is no way to express revenge. Milo will be gone before you know it, and you can have your normal life back =)

Anita said...

Hi Ace, Jazzy here.... I know how you feel, all these humans just abuse us horribly! And just what in the world are they thinking when they bring dogs into the house??!!! Are they nuts?!
Bartholamew is right though, if you don't eat, drink or poop they'll haul your butt in the stupid car to the stupid vet & you'll get poked & prodded...
I'll keep my fingers crossed that "Rudy" is their name for a new pillow for you!
Good luck!! :)