Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas one and all...
Yes, I'm a few days late in posting this but as we all know the build up to the holidays leaves some things on the back burner!
Santa was very good to me, of course...I got things to promote my hobbies...a brand new spinning stool and a beautiful wooden swift (now Jack's arms are free to persue his hobbies..HaHa!). Being the Dallas Cowboy fan that I am I received a "Roger Staubach" jersey...#12!!, XM Radio, a book that we can use to enhance our travels, a beautiful sweater with matching turtleneck, Jack made me a beautiful salad tong set from Dogwood, there are many other things that are just as wonderful...there's just not enough time to list each and every one of them. I hope everyone else had their wishes and dreams come true. We have family coming in tomorrow, this is the first time since our wedding that they have been here. They've never come for this Christmas before so we are both really excited about this time with them.

Again...Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year! I need to start thinking of my New Years resolution (besides losing weight).

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Suzanne said...

Hey Robin--I just posted my GOT YARN problems to my blog. Read it quick--I'll probably take it down in a week. I feel very uneasy having bad stuff in print like that.

So that's my story--its not an evil shop. THOUGH another blogger named Emmy has had 7 (out of 8!) of the knitters in her group have had a bad experience there too.

They have good yarn--if you do go, ask for Sara!